Can I buy an ozone generator?

Generally the problems people come across are rare and an ozone generator sitting on the shelf is not beneficial, especially with the cost involved. A good ozone generator will cost you around $1,800. Smaller ozone generators will not be strong enough to complete an ozone shock treatment which is what is needed to remove smoke and other contaminates. Small ozone generators producing 100 to 1,000 mg/hr cost around $400. These companies advertise a 3,000 sqft coverage capability. This is true, the ozone will travel that far but will not be strong enough to remove contaminates.

Will Ozone Cause Damage?

When I integrated ozone treatments into my carpet and air duct cleaning company I did a lot of research. I found data from certified tests conducted by government agencies. In short, the tests showed me that I would have to produce far more ozone into a home than I do when treating a home to cause oxidization of household materials. I personally ozone my home once every six months.

How Do Ozone Generators Work?

My ozone generators have a fan, transformer, and UV bulbs. When the machine turns on and air passes by the UV light and ozone is produced. There are several types of UV bulbs and in order to produce ozone you have to have the correct ones which produce the needed UV spectrum. Basically, O2 passes through and is then split in half. The O1 molecules then re-attach to O2 producing O3. The third oxygen molecule is loosely bonded and attaches itself to organic material. When this happens the O1 and organic particle oxidizes. This happens over and over until the contaminate is essentially gone.

When Can I Re Enter My Home?

Ozone has a half life of one half hour. What that means is as soon as I shut the machines off the ozone starts to dissipate. In one half hour the ozone level in the home will be reduced by half. If you truly want to know when the home is low enough for entry there is an equation that can be done. The factors will be how much ozone was introduced and for how long. Also I would need to know the exact volume of the home. Because it is impossible to know exactly how much ozone due to humidity and machine differences I always tell customers to give it 12 to 24 hours.

Are Ozone Generators Air Filters?

Ozone machines are not air filters. There is nothing in the machine that is going to filter out particles. Ozone generators produce ozone which then oxidize particles. They are advertised as purifiers and home air filters because that is what the consumer is used to hearing. “Do not buy one on the internet and leave it in your child’s room!!!” I have seen this so many times over the years.

Is Ozone Safe?

When conducting ozone treatments please remove all plants, pets, and people from the area. Each of these is alive and requires oxygen to live. Ozone in a car or home will convert the oxygen in the space to produce O3. Although there will be a lower amount of ozone in a space this is not the concern. Ozone is an oxidizer and your lungs are organic. The ozone will start eating at your lungs, obviously on a micro level, but trust me you will know after awhile. This means if you rent a machine from me do not have any of the 3 P’s in the area during an ozone treatment process. Also if I conduct a service and leave ozone generators in your home for 24-48 hours make sure no one has access to the property. Attention Realtors… Cancel showings for the time the generators will be running. Take the key out of the IBox if necessary to ensure no entry is possible.

Is Ozone A Pollutant?

The news and weather channels inform the public of ozone levels which causes a scare. Ozone is our Earth’s way of cleansing itself. With that said, hydrocarbons caused by our vehicles enters the atmosphere. Ozone then attaches itself to the hydrocarbons causing both to fall to human levels. Ozone can be measured easily which is a good indication of pollutant levels. With that said ozone is still a toxin because you should not breath it.

Will Ozone Remove Mothball Odors?

First, if you are planning to use mothballs in your home or business do not throw the balls into the attic. Leave them in their open box so they are exposed to the air. If you throw them into the attic you will end up having an insulation removal company come and that is expensive. To answer the question based on experience, I would say no. If you know that all the mothballs are out of the home then yes ozone will help if not work completely. The problem comes when people say they are all out and they actually they are not.

FAQ | Ozone Generator Service Frequently Asked Questions
What is Ozone? How will Ozone Remove Odors From my Home? These are all questions asked by my customers and I have the answers.