Germs and Bacteria Treatment

Purify your home after family  illnesses caused by germs and bacteria.


  • Utilization of thermo fogging and or water based bacteria treatment chemicals.
  • Ozone Shock Treatment with ozone generators.

These processes are used in conjunction with one another but many customers are chemical sensitive. When this is the case an ozone shock treatment is conducted solely. The thermal fogger fills the air duct system and home with a germicidal chemical to eliminate the bacteria and germs.

The ozone shock treatment will be conducted for 24 hours. The home must be free of Plants, Pets, and People for the entire time ozone is running.

Ozone is 10 times stronger than bleach and we all know what bleach can do. If you believe your home has recently been infected by an illness or just want piece of mind and a fresh home, give the ozone shock treatment a go. I personally do my home once a year to drive out pests, bugs, and to ensure it is a healthy living environment. Because there is no negative side effect and no sticky chemicals used it is a win win.