July 1, 2016

Ozone Service and Ozone Generator Rental Pricing

My ozone pricing is straight forward because that is how I conduct my carpet and air duct cleaning business as well. Everything I do is a flat rate charge with the exception of commercial properties due to the unknown size.

  • $220 – Ozone Shock Treatment (home) – Irregardless of the size of the home.
  • $80 – Ozone Generator Rental (per machine) – You will get the machine for a 48 hr period. If you live in Frisco or if I happen to be in your area I will deliver the machine to you.
  • $100 – Thermal Fogging (home) – This is conducted after the home has undergone an ozone treatment. This is very very effective at killing what odors the ozone generators will not able to.
  • $0 – Spraying Walls with Tobacco Encapsulate – This is free if you do the thermal fogging. I will only do this for empty properties due to furniture and other household items.

If you have a need for carpet or air duct cleaning in conjunction with your ozone treatment give me a call. You can also visit www.NTSCleaning.com for more information about services offered.