Ozone Treatment – Remove Curry Odors From My Home

Removing curry odors from a home is a process that takes several steps and methods done in the correct order. NTS ozone generators are strong and very effective at removing curry odors from rooms, houses, furniture, or places of business.

Cigarette odors are strong but curry odors are stronger and often harder to remove. Luckily the main contamination area is the kitchen which makes it easier to pinpoint than cigarettes.

Ozone Generators Range – 3,000 – 24,000 mg/hr each

“Diagnosing the severity of the odor is an art that I have learned over the years. When you call me let me know the following so I can determine exactly what steps to take to help you.”

  1. Are the cabinets sticky?
  2. Is the oven hood or microwave above the stove sticky?
  3. Is the grout in the kitchen yellow?
  4. Are the air filters yellow?
  5. Is the home full of furniture and curtains?

Steps I can take to ensure your home is odor free are listed below, depending on the odor severity. With curry cleaning the steps which need to be taken have to be done in a certain order. If one step is not done correctly the ozone treatment will not be effective.

  • Clean all cabinets until free of sticky residue
  • Clean oven hood or below microwave. (Most of the time the oven hood or microwave will need to be replaced.)
  • 48 hour ozone shock treatment
  • Thermal fogging into air duct system and throughout the home
  • Air duct cleaning (possible)
  • Carpet cleaning (possible)

Remove Curry Odors From My Home
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