Pet & Urine Odors

NTS has been in the carpet cleaning business for over 10 years and has dealt with many homes with pet urine contamination. For the most part 80% of homes have pet contamination from one severity or another.

If your property has pet urine and you are tired of the smell a straight ozone treatment is not the answer. Ozone is great for killing odors but will not eat through the large amounts of urine salts trapped in the carpet, padding, and subfloor. If the contamination is from a cat go ahead and remove that rooms carpet. Cat urine is very strong and many carpet cleaning are usually not strong enough to fully eliminate the issue.

NTS has the capabilities to eliminate urine odors from a home. To do this the customer can remove the carpet or NTS can. NTS will then treat the subfloor with chemicals and sealers to ensure the odor is gone for good. See Subfloor Seal Page. In some cases NTS will also perform ozone treatments to eliminate the evaporated urine salts which have contaminated the HVAC system and home.

Contact NTS with questions to get a more detailed answer on pet urine odor treatments.