Remove Mold and Mildew Odors From Homes

Removing mold and killing mold are two different things. If you are removing mold from an area you are donning masks and using chemicals to clean the location. You then have to extract the contaminates with a HEPA vacuum. Removing mold should be left up to the professionals who will know what type and the dangers that are involved. If you have extensive mold issues and are concerned about health risks contact a mold restoration company and have them test the home or place of business.

Now killing mold with an ozone generators is a touchy subject. Insurance companies will no longer pay for mold restoration just by using ozone generators. This is due to so many companies utilizing far to low amounts of ozone to kill mold and then not actually solving the problem. A few lawsuits later and insurance companies stopped paying.

Now not all mold problems are severe but again have yours tested first. After conducting tests if the mold is not dangerous and you are wanting to ozone the property, great! If you have contacted a restoration company and the price is far to high and want to ozone the property anyway, OK. There is data that states ozone will kill mold, unfortunately no one will put their name and liability on it because of reasons mentioned before.

Now if you are dealing with a moldy or mildew smell and want to ozone the property go right ahead. Ozone is great a freshening up a property.

**This is confusing I know so contact me to get a better understanding before you take more steps**

Remove Mold and Mildew Odors from Homes | Odor Removal
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