July 1, 2016

Remove Viruses and Bacteria from Homes

I receive many calls about purifying a home after illnesses and possible bacteria. Ozone is certainly strong enough to kills bacteria and viruses from an area. Of course I am not a doctor nor am I a scientist so make sure you contact a professional about the matter if you have questions about it’s true effect.

What I do know is that ozone is 10 times stronger than bleach and we all know what bleach can do. If you believe your home has recently been infected by an illness or just want piece of mind about a fresh home, give a shock treatment a go. I personally do my home once every six month to drive out pests, bugs, and to ensure it is a healthy living environment. Because there is no negative side effect and no sticky chemicals used it is really just a win win.

Remove Viruses and Bacteria from Homes | Ozone Treatment
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