Subfloor Seal

Sealing a subfloor in a home is usually only needed for pet urine contamination. Pets which habitually urinate in a home will cause the urine to sink past the carpet and pad and absorb into the concrete or wood subfloor. NTS will clean the contaminated areas with enzyme or acid products to kill the urine salt and then apply the appropriate sealant to ensure off gassing stops.

After this process is complete NTS can conduct an ozone treatment or other services to ensure the evaporated odor causing contaminates are destroyed and removed from the home.

As you can see from this image, urine can contaminate the walls as well. NTS will identify the cause of the odor with black lights and and treat the area just like the subfloor process.

A quick note to customers and home owners… Kilz paint is a common term you will hear when someone is explaining a cover up treatment. If you plan on purchasing Kilz and treating ┬áthe home yourself know that Kilz is a brand. You need to make sure you are getting the appropriate type of Kilz paint to ensure you are sealing the contaminate and not just painting the area.