Wall Washing

Odor causing particles are spread throughout the home and the largest surface area of a home are the walls. The homes HVAC system provides cool and hot air to the home but at the same time spreads the contaminates. Cigarette, cooking, dander, and other contaminates will attach to the walls and ceilings and off gas their particular odor.

Depending on the type of wall covering in the home will determine which type of treatment your home will receive to ensure the contamination removal. NTS will use specific chemicals for the type of contamination. The goal to wall washing is to remove and and or treat the walls in order to allow ozone generators the ability to finish the job.

Wall washing is a great idea to do prior to painting to ensure good adhesion of paint as well as odor removal if using standard paints. For sever odors and contaminated walls research odor blocking primers and paints.

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